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Bruce Lee’s War Cries… Again!

As some of you reading this blog know (although I am sure most readers don’t) I was responsible for all of Bruce Lee’s war cries and yells that one hears in the 1978 version of Lee’s film, Game of Death, which was released by Columbia Pictures. My screams and yells also are on the soundtrack record album which was released in Japan ( see attached photos).

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a producer in New York who complimented me highly on my work on the film, and asked me if I would be willing to consider doing some of the voiceover work again for a second redux he was doing of Lee’s fight segments which were going to included on the Criterion Collection box set of Bruce Lee films. He had already done one redux of the fight scenes (which included some of my original work, plus some of Lee’s yells due to soundtrack music over mine). Now he was doing a new version.

I agreed to work with him on the project, so he sent me a copy of the re-cut fight scenes along with a list of particular areas he needed be to cover. Here’s the difference between my first time working on the film, and this time. When I worked on the original film, I worked at a major film studio, in a special sound studio, with several people working in the sound booth, and watching the action sequences on a full-size cinema screen. On this project I was working from my home, watching the action sequences on my fifteen-inch computer screen, and using a voiceover app in my Iphone. This was much more difficult. At the beginning I began to doubt myself and my abilities to do the work, but persevered and three days later finished the job and sent the producer 35 files with 125 sound clips. I’ve included a photo of my work area at home – guerilla filmmaking at its best.

I am not sure of when the new set will be released but early 2021 was mentioned. And at least on this version I will receive screen credit. I’m also doing a short interview for the producer about my involvement in the original film. So until we meet again…. Wataaah!


(News Update – The film I worked on has not been released yet but negotiations are underway on it. I will update you when I get word on it)

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