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Here, for the first time, are the fundamental tenets of Lee’s philosophy of self-actualization and personal liberation taken out of the martial arts arena and put into the arena of daily living. In this ground-breaking book, LIBERATE YOURSELF! – How to Think Like Bruce Lee,” world-renowned Jeet Kune Do instructor Chris Kent shares with you the philosophical principles, thought processes, and mental strategies Bruce Lee used to liberate himself and actualize his true potential, and helps you to understand how, by integrating and utilizing the same principles, thinking processes, and mental strategies in your own life, you can free yourself from the chains of limitation, whether of physical or psychological origin, and raise your living to the level of an art form.


Filled with invaluable information and inspiration, Liberate Yourself! - How to Think Like Bruce Lee offers you a fluid set of operating principles you can use to cultivate a flexible, highly adaptable attitude toward living life to its fullest.

Designed to work in conjunction with Chris Kent’s book “LIBERATE YOURSELF! – How to Think Like Bruce Lee”; this workbook can be used as a resource guide and a catalyst for thought and action to help you move toward achieving personal liberation in all aspects of your life. In addition to sharing with you the fundamental principles and concepts espoused in the book, the workbook will help you identify, understand and integrate these principles into your own life, and includes:

•    Action Worksheets that can be used to help you explore yourself and increase your self-knowledge and self-understanding, along with personal Self-Assessment checklists.​

•    Exercises that will give you the opportunity to apply and experience a particular principle and relate it to your own life.

•    An Appendix filled with various types of relaxation, breathing and visualization exercises you can utilize when you find yourself coming up against obstacles or performance barriers. ​

•    Blank pages you can use to record your own personal notes, observations, ideas, etc. 


Acclaim for "Liberate Yourself"

"I am inspired by the publication of "LIBERATE YOURSELF! - How To Think Like Bruce Lee" by Chris Kent that elaborates on the message of personal liberation. Chris has studied Bruce's art and philosophy for forty years. He is a gifted martial artist and teacher, but beyond that he has grasped the underlying philosophyof Bruce's art and applied it to daily living. In reading "Liberate Yourself" one will not only understand Bruce Lee's way of thinking better, but will discover new ways of looking at and improving one's own life. In understandable language, Chris has laid out a blueprint for taking control and overcoming obstacles. I highly recommend Chris' book to anyone wanting to take the next step toward personal liberation."

Linda Lee Cadwell

Bruce Lee's widow

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