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Different Physiques

Featured on Boise's KIVI Channel 6 News

My Idaho: "Keeping Bruce Lee's Legacy Alive"

Kent Institute of Martial Art is the only martial art facility in the Treasure Valley offering authentic, certified instruction in JEET KUNE DO, the dynamic martial art training process developed by BRUCE LEE.


An encyclopedic knowledge built upon five decades of experience, teaching, and continual learning allows Chris to offer students the highest quality training and what he refers to as the "Jeet Kune Do Experience." 

The Premier
Jeet Kune Do
Training Facility

An Oasis of

The Kent Institute of Martial Art serves as an oasis of self-discovery, a learning environment where the students become motivated to actively and enthusiastically participate in their own development and do so to the best of their ability.


Our goal isn't merely to instruct -- we work to inspire students to think for themselves and cultivate the tools and skills they need to become well-rounded, liberated, creative martial artists. 

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and work in all sorts of professions, and each has their own reason for training. But they all have one thing in common; they're interested in exploring the potential of both their body and mind, developing greater self-knowledge, and enriching their life. We are here to serve those people.

At the Kent Institute of Martial Art what truly matters is the experience of the individual.

The Experience
Of The Individual

Martial Art

The CKJKD training program is designed around quality rather than quantity of students. We offer our students a rational, well thought-out, dynamic program of total martial art training designed to help them develop every facet of their combative arsenal and cultivate the ability to synthesize all the various components into a single, cohesive martial art.


Our progressive training process will allow students to express themselves efficiently and effectively in any type of combative situation.

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Read what students have to say...

"World-class instruction, fantastic training partners and a welcoming learning environment. Chris Kent's Jeet Kune Do is an investment in one's self. The best investment I've ever made."

Bo Wahl


"CKJKD is a great place to train. Family environment and non-pretentious. World-class instruction and continual learning; no matter how long you have trained."

Ann Wilson


“There are many places to train martial arts out there, but if you’re looking to training in an environment that's authentic and genuine, then look no further than Chris Kent JKD. Sifu Chris will bring out the best in your abilities, whether you are a novice practitioner or an experienced martial artist.  All curriculum is clear, specific, focused, direct and to the point. Sifu Chris’s depth of knowledge and understanding is clear from the moment you step foot in the studio. His patience and willingness to teach are unparalleled in my opinion.
Andy Tapella

“Sifu Chris Kent is without doubt one of the best instructors that have ever had the privilege to train under. His expertise in JKD/Kali is second to none. The Chris Kent Institute is a fun, energetic, and very welcoming place to train.”
Jerry Edwards​

“Chris Kent JKD is an experience. Here you have the opportunity to not only be a part of Bruce Lee’s legacy, but to be a part of something dynamic and bigger than yourself.  Classes are relatively small and feel more like family gatherings. I encourage anyone with a love of martial arts to come visit regardless of martial art knowledge or fitness level.”
Israel Ayola


“I have been training with Sifu Chris Kent for over 21 years and have become part of his instructor staff. I say that because not only have I learned so much from him as a martial artist, but I have also learned so much about how to teach martial arts! Sifu Kent is known in the martial arts, specifically the JKD? Kali community both nationally and internationally as one of the top guys, leaders and instructors in the world! He has become, as his teacher/mentor Sifu Dan Inosanto is, a “master teacher” himself!”
Joffrey Stone


“My husband and I have been training with Sifu Chris Kent for a couple of years now. Sifu Chris is patient, warm and non-intimidating, with a backgraound that is second to none. He treats all of his students like family. In each class, he creates an open environment with instruction that is safe, clear, down-to-earth and practical. He is a gem in the gem state.
Christelle and Jim Lyman


“I started my path in Jeet Kune Do and Kali in 2001. Sifu Kent taught and guided me to discover my potential as a person through Jeet Kune Do. Twenty years later I’m still Blasting and Learning JKD!”
Rizalde Baylon

“My wife, Gena, and I moved to Boise in 2018. I had searched for a Shotokan Karate dojo where I could continue training. There were none available so I expanded my search for other arts. That’s when I discovered Chris Kent’s Jeet Kune Do, and our lives literally changed. Always a big fan of Bruce Lee, I learned that JKD is much more than just another martial art style. In fact, it’s not a style at all, but the philosophy and science of expressing oneself in combative form. Gena joined with me and it has been the best experience of our lives. Sifu Chris is not simply an instructor. He is a coach and a mentor. His ability to read his students and then teach each one of them according to how they best learn is like having a private lesson each time we go to class. Over the last three years we have been learning under Sifu Chris we have discovered the potential we have as individuals, and have witnessed the leaps and strides we have made in our personal growth. Jeet Kune Do is not simply a martial art, but a lifestyle. It transcends into every area of life. Sifu Chris has been studying and teaching JKD for almost fifty years, and Genas and I feel so blessed to be his students.”

Michael Muehle

Instructor Staff

All of the instructors who assist in teaching at the Kent Institute of Martial Art have been students as well for a significant number of  years and each was selected for their dedication and commitment.

rizalde photo.JPG
Rizalde Baylon
BC photo 2.jpg
Bob Calhoun
Dan Syes
Joffrey Stone
BW 1.jpg
Bo Wahl
derosier photo.JPG
Joe DeRosier
Ann Wilson
Mike Muehle
Tim Malone.jpg
Tim Malone

S.A.V.E. (Safety Against Violence Education)

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Chris Kent's S.A.V.E. (Safety Against Violence Education) is a program of personal safety awareness education combined with basic, practical and effective self-defense skills designed to empower women and children by increasing their understanding of personal protection. These workshops are part of our commitment to the safety of our community and are conducted FREE OF CHARGE (*) for individual participants. S.A.V.E. workshops include such elements as:

  • ​Victim-selection: How criminals and would-be-attackers choose their target.


  • Understanding, recognizing and intercepting various predictive strategies criminals use.

  • Projecting a "non-victim" image - Target denial strategies.​

  • The 3 vital elements of self-protection.​

  • Basic physical self-defense skills for "Defensive-Counterattack" -- How to use your body's natural weapons with maximum effectiveness.​


  • Defending yourself in various positions (standing, on the ground, etc.) and in different environments (outside/inside).​

  • The effective use of commons everyday items such as keys, pens, fork, etc. as self-defense tools.​


  • Principles for maintaining and increasing your personal safety at home, in your vehicle, at work, etc.

S.T.O.K.E. Workout

S – Strengthen your muscles!

T – Tone your entire body/physique!

O – Optimize your fitness level!

K – Kick-start your day!

E – Energize your entire being!

* STOKE -- a surfing term that is used to describe feelings of excitement – Being stoked means “amped, excited, adrenaline-fueled, filled with enthusiasm.”

The S.T.O.K.E. Workout is 60 minute class consisting of intense cardio bursts with alternating periods of strength training.  Perfect for anyone wanting to build endurance while gaining strength and burning a max amount of calories, this class can be easily modified for all fitness levels.

Ann Wilson -- Ann comes from a dance and martial arts background and has a love for all things fitness related.  After taking HIIT classes for several years she recently began teaching and enjoys the collective energy, enthusiasm, and community spirit of group classes. She is also the first female to become part of the CKJKD Instructor Program.

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