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Designed for any martial artist practitioner who, regardless of style, is seriously interested in developing and improving their combative skills,  Kune Do Guide to Equipment Training offers comprehensive and cohesive training information that will help you maximize your combat skills and achieve your full potential as a martial artist and fighter. Detailed and progressive instruction on how to use the heavy bag, focus mitts, Thai, pads, forearm pad, kicking shield, double-end bag, wall bag, paper target, wooden dummy (Mook Jong), as well as training with protective body equipment makes this book one of the most important sources of information about the proper use of equipment training ever written.


Over 370 pages with close to 2000 photographs that

illustrate hundreds of drills and methods to develop one's attack, counterattack, and defensive skills, as well as develop such facets of fighting as correct distance, proper timing, a sense of rhythm, enhanced awareness, etc., plus additional chapters detailing how you can achieve personal martial excellence. 

The Encylopedia of Jeet Kune Do is designed to serve as a resource guide, not only for the person training in JKD, but for any martial artist sincerely interested in enhancing his or her performance and achieving one’s full potential.  The goal is help you improve your understanding and working knowledge of the art, science, and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee's martial art that revolutionized the industry. The Encyclopedia of Jeet Kune Do has 360 pages filled with photographs that cover every aspect of the art such as footwork and mobility, combative tools, the various ways of attack, counterattack, and defense, essential qualities such as timing, distance, and rhythm, and more.


Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do -- The TEXTBOOK shows the overall picture of Jeet Kune Do as a method of self-discovery. Many books have been written about the techniques of martial arts which deal with the basic tools of combat, such as punching, kicking and blocking. This "how to" approach is not enough to create a successful fighter. 

The purpose of "Jeet Kune Do -- THE TEXTBOOK" is to explore the qualities and combative motions that make the tools work. Authors Chris Kent and Tim Tackett, world-renowned fJeet Kune Do instructors, lead you on a journey that will expose to the reader the various aspects of "the way of the intercepting fist" and allow them to see the overall picture.

Co-authored with fellow JKD instructor, Tim Tackett, Chris' first book, Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing covers in detail the kickboxing element of Bruce Lee's martial art. Included are chapters covering hand and foot tool development, the five ways of attack, counterattack and defense, kickboxing training drills, and more.

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Praise for Chris' Martial Art Books

"You’ve unraveled the blinding fast motions of Bruce Lee’s mind-boggling, super-human explosions, and given to us simple mortal beings the ability and comprehension to go through the motions of succeeding in our aim for perfection, by opening our minds to understand the message that my friend, my teacher, gave his best to enlighten us."

Taky Kimura

Bruce Lee's senior-most student and closest friend

Some of the Publications Chris' Articles Have Appeared In

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