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In addition to his expertise in Jeet Kune Do, Chris is also a highly-respected instructor in the Filipino martial arts known as Kali - Escrima - Arnis, and was one of the first students to graduate and be awarded the titles "Escrimador"  and "Full Instructor" in the Filipino  martial arts under Guro Dan Inosanto. As a student and assistant under Inosanto, Chris had the incredible opportunity to meet and train with a number of Filipino martial arts masters, including such people as Grandmaster Angel Cabales, Grandmaster Leo Giron, Juanito (Johnny) Lacoste,  Lucky Lucaylucay, Grandmaster Ben Largusa -- and learn numerous styles such as Serrada, Largo Mano, De Fondo, Villabrille Kali, and others.

While Jeet Kune Do serves as the foundation of what is taught at the Kent Institute, weaponry training is also offered to those students who are interested. The base of our weaponry training comes from the Filipino martial arts which are known collectively by various names such as KALI - ESCRIMA - ARNIS. 

Encompassing an entire spectrum of weaponry including sticks, swords, dagger, staff, spear, nunchaku, as well as featuring sophisticated empty hand concepts, this highly efficient, combat-proven martial art teaches both weaponry and empty hand facets together; the principles being common to both and interchangeable. 

At the Kent Institute, our well-rounded, "non-style" approach to training offers students the ability to develop a functional working knowledge of all types of weapons.

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