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Liberate Your

Liberate Your


"For five decades I've been intimately involved in Bruce Lee's martial art process of self-actualization know as Jeet Kune Do. Over the course of my years of training and teaching I began seeing the much broader application of the physical and philosophical principles and concepts I learned, and how they are applicable in the world each of us step into everyday -- "LIFE."  I've applied these principles in my capacities as a martial artist, writer, fight action choreographer, speaker, and in my personal and professional relationships. My mission is to help people free themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally so that they can actualize their true potential and achieve THEIR personal liberation.  I’ve distilled what I've gleaned from my years of training and learning down to its essence in order to share it with others. The result is Dynamic Personal Liberation."

                                                                           Chris Kent

TEDx Youngstown 2023
"A Dynamic Prescription for Personal Growth"
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I operate on the belief that there is no "one way" to success in life or self-actualization. There are as many ways as there are individuals -- the key is to find YOUR OWN WAY of becoming the person you are fully capable of being.


Dynamic Personal Liberation is is not a set, rigid, one-size-fits-all philosophy. It's not some sort of 'system' or 'method', but rather, a unique, individualized approach to personal development and self-actualization.  A completely unique approach to personal or group coaching, Dynamic Personal Liberation utilizes a combination of movement, action and dialogue (or in some cases simply dialogue) to help individuals remove mental, emotional, and physical barriers and free themselves of limitations in whatever aspect(s) of their life is needed, be it breaking the chains of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs or breaking through performance barriers.


Dynamic Personal Liberation will unlock your potential for growth and change, and help you develop new ways of being and moving through your life. It will help you develop the necessary tools with which you can not only discover yourself, but also bring out the best within yourself, and realize your full potential.

If you want a supreme level of intentional living -- Dynamic Personal Liberation is for you!


As a personal consultant, I function as an "awakener" who guides, advises, and encourages individuals who have a sincere desire to transform their life for the better. My goal is to help generate and facilitate personal growth and change. I develop tailored coaching/training sessions for each person I work with. As a "liberation catalyst" I will push, stretch, and challenge you to help you discover and bring out the best within yourself.

A limited number of coaching spaces are available yearly.

Personal Consultation/


The business environment has become more complex than ever before, and businesses need to be much more fluid and adaptable to changing conditions and circumstances.

In my role as a business consultant, I work with individuals, small groups (2-3 people) or company teams to help cultivate a creative, innovative business culture. Be it through private coaching, group coaching, or in-house training seminars or workshops, I collaborate with companies on such things as fostering positive business growth and development, synergistic team building and alignment, and enhanced company interrelationships.  

Whether I'm in front of an audience five people or five hundred people, a small group of martial art enthusiasts or a standing-room-only crowd of corporate business professionals, or being a featured speaker at TEDx Youngstown “Life Happens” event, I feel alive and energized when speaking about the philosophical principles at the core of Bruce Lee's revolutionary martial art training process of Jeet Kune Do, and how the application of the principles can serve as incredible tools for personal growth and self-actualization.



“I first met Chris nearly 30 years ago - drawn to him because of his pedigree and what I thought I could become as a fighter. Within moments, it wasn't my reverse punch that improved but my understanding of self and the whole of my life's direction. Thank you Chris, for your gentle wisdom, calm confidence and willingness to speak what's true in a way I could hear - and apply. You're a master in the Truest sense, my friend."

Ron Renaud

Professional Life Coach, Author of The Uncompromised

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