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The Art That Ignited A 'Revolution'

30 years before "mixed martial arts" came into existence... there was Jeet Kune Do, a revolutionary martial art training process innovated by Bruce Lee that advanced the principles of "totality" in martial art training, "realistic" and scientific training methods, and "complete freedom" for the individual practitioner. Lee defined Jeet Kune Do is "the art of expressing the human body in combative form without limitation or confinement."

Non-restrictive in nature, Jeet Kune Do is principle-based training process to cultivate your body as a 'martial instrument' and express  yourself with total freedom and the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness. You are not learning a martial art “style” or “system”, but rather how to use your body to the maximum through the application of scientific disciplines such as bio-mechanics physiology, physics, etc.

Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do
"The Art Of The Individual"

Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do refers to the martial art training process I teach and share, based upon my understanding of what I believe JKD truly is; a dynamic process of "TOTAL" martial art training designed to develop every facet of the individual's combative arsenal. Encompassing all elements of unarmed combat training, it is an art, a science, and a philosophy. 

While remaining true to the original spirit and vision with which Bruce Lee developed the art, CKJKD reflects a process of my own individual development and growth over the five decades I've been intimately involved in Jeet Kune Do.

Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do serves a "master key" which will allow you to:


Unlock your full potential 

Liberate yourself as a martial artist

Express yourself without restriction or limitation

Chris Kent Consultancy

The Chris Kent Consultancy is a professional practice that offers specialized expertise, advice, guidance and counseling within the field of Jeet Kune Do.


Jeet Kune Do is experiential, and one of my main objectives is to give people what I refer to as the “JKD Experience.In my capacity as a professional martial arts consultant I work one-on-one with individuals who are seriously interested in maximizing their skills, attaining the highest level of performance possible, and achieving their full potential as a martial artist.

I develop personal training programs that are custom-designed to fit needs and desires of each individual I work with.

A limited number of personal coaching are available yearly.



Refusing to limit myself to working only with Jeet Kune Do schools (or particular JKD factions), I function as a consultant for professional martial art schools and training facilities, assisting them with regard to various facets of operation, including such things as:

  • Cultivating a true JKD "culture" (historical background, philosophical elements underpinning the art, the JKD "mindset," etc.)

  • Technical performance

  • Training methods and protocols (technical/non-technical)

  • Curriculum development

  • Teaching methodology

When it comes to teaching Jeet Kune Do, for me it’s something special; I'm sharing not only an incredible martial art training process, but also an incredible martial legacy that's been part of my life for five decades. As one of the of the pre-eminent authorities on Jeet Kune Do and its applications I am proud serve as a "global ambassador" for Jeet Kune Do, traveling the world and teaching and sharing my diverse knowledge and expertise through national and international seminars and training workshops. 


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"If you are looking for a dynamic learning experience, a complete and genuine focus on benefiting the participants, and proven expertise in the art, philosophy, and history of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do then bring Chris Kent to your school. You will not be disappointed!"


Greg Smith

CEO of Compco Industries, Boardman OH


"Quality Not Quantity"

For further information regarding martial art training facilities that are affiliated with Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do and/or instructors that have been certified by Chris Kent, please contact us directly.

"NY Martial Arts Academy owes a lot to Sifu Chris Kent. My father began training with Sifu Chris in 1996 and never looked back. Sifu Chris has so much a knowledge in JKD and martial arts in general. We’re proud to be affiliated with Sifu Chris and his JKD organization. CKJKD is a complete look on Jeet Kune Do which covers all ranges and aspects of combat. Striking grappling and weapons training makes CKJKD the total package. Thank you Sifu for all you’ve taught to everyone at NY Martial Arts Academy. Growing up around you and training with you has brought so much perspective and clarity to my own martial arts training."

Sifu James Orfanos

New York Martial Arts Academy

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