What is "Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do"?

Jeet Kune Do is now perceived as a brand of martial arts, and in some cases even a ‘style.’  Over the years “Jeet Kune Do” has become a generic term that is now broad and very non-specific. Today the name implies different things to different people.

Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do (not "Chris Kent's Jeet Kune Do") refers to what I teach, and is based upon my understanding of what I believe JKD truly is; an art, a science, and a philosophy. The name reflects a process of my own individual development and growth in JKD over 46. As I wrote in my blog, 'A Matter of Interpretation' – “When it comes to teaching Jeet Kune Do, individual interpretation is all that any JKD instructor can really offer. Their personal interpretation of the art will be based upon such things as their learning, their research, their understanding, their own inclinations, their prejudices, and perhaps even their likes and dislikes as well.”

The curriculum I teach is my program, not anyone else's, and  is built upon what I believe a person needs to know and understand regarding  JKD, and in order for someone to teach JKD the way I feel the art should be perpetuated.  I refuse to pigeon-hole myself and what I do into either the “Original JKD” or “JKD Concepts” camps, or any JKD faction for that matter.

(For more detailed information concerning what JKD is visit the "Jeet Kune Do" page in this section)


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