Timing refers to the ability to recognize the most favorable moment and seize an opportunity to attack or counter-attack.

Moment may occur naturally in the midst of the fight, such as if the opponent makes some error, loses his focus, or moves too close. May be provoked consciously by an action on your part, such as a feint or false attack. May be physical (a moment of helplessness) or psychological (a moment of surprise). Usually has to be sensed rather than seen.

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Definition: The spatial relationship that exists between two opponents in a combative situation.

Many people will use terms such as punching-range, kicking-range, trapping- range, grappling-range, and so on when talking about distance. But in reality these are particular aspects of fighting, not distances.

3 Ranges -- At any given moment, the spatial relationship between you and an opponent will fall into one of three distances or ranges: 
(1) long-range 
(2) intermediate or medium-range,
(3) close-range.


Distance will influence not only your movements but also your tactics.