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What will you take with you...?

As you continue your martial art journey, you will expand your learning and increase your knowledge base (hopefully). And how you do that will be entirely up to you. Perhaps you will decide to train in classes on a regular basis at a school or gym - maybe you will attend various martial art seminars held at different locations over the year - or perhaps engage in self-investigative research via books or videos –or perhaps all of them.

Regardless of the avenue chosen, you will decide what your take-away will be. By take-away I mean what you choose to take with you when you leave after attending a seminar or workshop – when you leave following class or training session -- when you read a book or watch a video. Perhaps it might be a physical technique – maybe it’s some form of training method --perhaps it might be a particular mental attitude – it might even simply be a story or anecdote. For each individual it will be their choice as to what take with them. And that choice will be based upon such things as:

• Their level of understanding about the subject matter

• Their frame of mind concerning the subject matter (open and ready to receive information or knowledge, or

closed with their mind already made up or filled with preconceived ideas, prejudices, etc)

• Their level of interest in the subject matter

Whether it be a seminar, a class, a book or video, you will find things that resonate with you and pull you in, and things that you don’t care for or that push you away. For one person the understanding and use of hand immobilization actions (trapping) may intrigue them and draw them in, whereas for another person it might the striking elements of kickboxing – for another it might be the challenge of putting themselves in the position of confronting their own fear.

Seminars, classes, books, videos, magazines, even casual conversations – all these things can offer us incredible gifts if we’re open to them and ready and willing to receive them, be it on a mental level, a physical level, or both. With regard to myself, I’ve always felt that if I get a single useful thing from a seminar, a book or video, whatever, then I consider my time and energy has been well-spent. How about you?

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