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In Search of Totality (1)

This is the first in a series of blogs dealing with the idea of “totality” as it relates to the Jeet Kune Do practitioner. Rather than simply sharing my own thoughts and ideas on the subject I’m going to share different pages from Volume 7 of Bruce Lee’s “Commentaries on the Martial Way.” This volume, unlike the other volumes, was more of his personal research training journal in which he noted things he was investigating. On some of the pages you will see the date in which he wrote the notes. My goal in sharing this material is to help you can get a clearer picture of Bruce’s thought processes and a better understanding of how he approached his martial studies and development.

In the page included here you will first note that Bruce writes about the idea of investigating attacking an opponent’s joints and limbs and various methods of breaking them.

Second, Bruce writes about the idea of using a specific striking tool to hit an opponent who has in some way been taken or knocked to the ground alongside him. (Whether or not he means that he is also on the ground is not said, and could be an interesting catalyst for thought).

Third, Bruce comments on developing the use of the forearm as a striking tool.

Fourth, Bruce writes about the necessity of developing leg strength and various methods of doing so.

Finally, Bruce includes a note about using “body-feel” to investigate using different parts of the foot when kicking.

So there you have it, five different notes for Bruce’s personal research and investigation. Who knows, perhaps one or more of these ideas will serve as a catalyst for thought and get your own investigative juices flowing.

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