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Welcome to CKJKD!

Welcome to Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do! Let me be very clear from the start, this site is dedicated to JKD, not Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee and JKD are not the same thing (although the two are intimately connected).

There are many people in the JKD world today who are still busy wasting their time and energy arguing about the same crap that began not too long after Bruce Lee's untimely demise and which has conntinued to this day. Things such as who is right and who is wrong; who knows JKD and who doesn't; who is qualified to teach and who isn't. It's the same thing over and over again, like running laps on a school track. While you might be moving, in reality you're not going anywhere except the same place again and again.

I consider myself an advocate and an evangelist for Jeet Kune Do, and fell that I have a responsibility to the legacy of the art. I have a very clear point of view with regard to JKD, and I am passionate about not only getting people to understand the true nature of the art and what it is really all about, but how they can use this self-discovery process themselves, be it in martial art, life, or whatever endeavor they choose to pursue. On this website I am going to share ideas and discuss subjects I care about deeply. I already know that I may upset some people with some of the material that will go on this site, but that goes with the territory. It will not be done deliberately or our of malice to any individual or group. We are not all a bunch of chiclets. Diversity of thought and opinion is necessary for growth.

So welcome to CKJKD!

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