"Real -World" Self-Defense

"Any idiot can get into a fight, but it takes brains and self-confidence to avoid one.”

                                     -    Bruce Lee

Real-World Application

From a self-defense standpoint Jeet Kune Do offers you practical solutions to “real-world” problems. JKD has tremendous potential for helping people develop the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully, without resorting to violence. One of the goals of our program is to give people the physical training that engenders confidence not to react to conflicts in a confrontational manner, but instead seek to resolve the situation peacefully. With physical skills as a base, students develop the confidence to use psychological and sociological self-defense skills that enable them to deal with the challenges they face. Students learn not only how to control their own impulses, but the other person’s impulses as well. This gives them the power and confidence to convince the other person that it’s not a good idea to fight. This is what we refer to in JKD as using the “art of fighting without fighting.”

However, if they don’t have a choice, and they cannot stop a physical confrontation between themselves and another person, then they have self-defense skills that they can use to protect themselves. This gives them an advantage that untrained people do not have, and allows them to function from a position of strength and confidence as opposed to fear and weakness. 

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Self-Defense for the Street

In Jeet Kune Do, the emphasis is on self-defense, with the understanding that you have to be ready for any situation you find yourself in, and able to defend yourself against any kind of attack. The art of Jeet Kune Do is built upon the idea of self-defense – not sport. Any time you turn a martial art into a sport you will create weaknesses in it. In combative sports (such as competitive MMA) you have specific rules and regulations, and many functional fighting concepts and techniques such as attacks to the eyes, throat, groin – kicking to the knee or groin, etc. are disallowed. However, on the street, an attacker will not be limited by any rules of combat or by following any code of societal conduct. Their primary goal is to hurt you and/or subjugate you to their will.

One of the primary goals of Jeet Kune Do is to develop your ability to protect yourself (or loved ones) against an attacker who is attempting to really hurt you; to end the situation as quickly and effectively as possible and get away. And this means applying the most effective weapons or techniques as soon as possible to the most vulnerable point on the attacker. Everything a student learns has immediate self-defense application.

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