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S.T.O.K.E.* Workout

S – Strengthen your muscles!

T – Tone your entire body/physique!

O – Optimize your fitness level!

K – Kick-start your day!

E – Energize your entire being!

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* STOKE -- a surfing term that is used to describe feelings of excitement – Being stoked means “amped, excited, adrenaline-fueled, filled with enthusiasm.”  



The STOKE Workout is 60 minute class consisting of intense cardio bursts with alternating periods of strength training.  Perfect for anyone wanting to build endurance while gaining strength and burning a max amount of calories, this class can be easily modified for all fitness levels.



Ann Wilson -- Ann comes from a dance and martial arts background and has a love for all things fitness related.  After taking HIIT classes for several years she recently began teaching and enjoys the collective energy, enthusiasm, and community spirit of group classes. She is also the first female to become part of the CKJKD Instructor Program.



Praise for the STOKE Workout!

"Great class taught by a amazing instructor! Lots of energy, sweat, and fun. I look forward to every Saturday morning!

                                                  - Mel

"Not only does this class challenge me physically but also tests my mental strength and perseverance. Ann is an encouraging and wonderful teacher who pushes me to be my best. This class is perfect for someone who is looking to push themselves outside their normal limits."

                                                 - Paytin

"I LOVE Ann's Saturday morning workouts. She focuses on specific muscle groups each class to make sure you feel and see results. I also appreciate learning exercises and routines that don't require fancy gym equipment  so I can use them at home. Ann takes time to ensure you're using proper form so you maximize results without hurting yourself. She also shares different ways to perform the exercises from novice to expert so people at any level are challenged. This class is the highlight of my week. 'Thanks, Ann, you're the best!"

                                                - Shannon

"What I like most about Ann's class is the variety. You get good

cardio and a full body workout. She rotates exercises and frequently introduces new exercises. She always instructs you on how to use proper form for each exercise. It's a great way to start the day."

                       - Damian

""Ann is an amazing instructor and her class is the perfect complement to my martial arts training. Ann's energy and dedication are definitely contagious! She really cares about working with everyone in her class and provides several options for each exercise so we can push past our own limits. I always feel more focused in my training after pushing through Ann's workout. I highly recommend this class to anyone training in the arts!" 

                                       - Marissa Schmidt

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