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Chris Kent's
S.A.V.E. (Safety Against Violence Education)

A Dedicated Commitment to Community and Personal Safety

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Chris Kent's S.A.V.E. (Safety Against Violence Education) is a program of personal safety awareness education combined with basic, practical and effective self-defense skills designed to empower women and children by increasing their understanding of personal protection. These workshops are part of our commitment to the safety of our community and are conducted FREE OF CHARGE (*) for individual participants. S.A.V.E. workshops include such elements as:

  • Victim-selection: How criminals and would-be-attackers choose their target.


  • Understanding, recognizing and intercepting various predictive strategies criminals use.

  • Projecting a "non-victim" image - Target denial strategies.​

  • The 3 vital elements of self-protection.​

  • Basic physical self-defense skills for "Defensive-Counterattack" -- How to use your body's natural weapons with maximum effectiveness.​


  • Defending yourself in various positions (standing, on the ground, etc.) and in different environments (outside/inside).​

  • The effective use of commons everyday items such as keys, pens, fork, etc. as self-defense tools.​


  • Principles for maintaining and increasing your personal safety at home, in your vehicle, at work, etc.

(*) -- Businesses and corporations can request and arrange  S.A.V.E. Personal Safety Workshops for their employees (which can be conducted at our training facility or the business location) for a nominal charge. 

For further information about attending or scheduling workshops please contact us.


"My daughters and I signed up for Chris Kent's Personal Safety Class as we were looking for a class on self-defense that would give us some basic skills and knowledge on ways to better protect ourselves. Chris and his team were amazing and easy to work with. Chris was beyond knowledgeable of safety techniques both verbally and non-verbally that will assist in a hostile situation and a situation that could easily escalate. We learned so much in such a short amount of time, from being aware to simple self-defense skills. I believe he was actually teaching us life skills that everyone should know and be prepared to use. We are all looking forward to working with Chris and his team again." 

- M. Wolfe


"Chris was amazing! He made us feel so empowered. It was a very educational class. I learned skills that I can use in my everyday life. Can't wait to take another class!"

- K.S. 

"I really enjoyed Chris' SAVE Class. It taught me a lot about not only how to keep myself safe physically, but what I should be aware of mentally. He has a great approach and you can tell he really cares. I loved getting to try out various things versus just thinking about what I would do in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. I would definitely go again.!"

- S.T. (Boise)

“The most important things I have learned from attending Chris Kent’s SAVE Workshop is that ‘NO” is a complete sentence, and understanding that I had much more power than I realized.” 

 - Jana Kemp 

 (Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author)

“The effect of Chris’ coaching to our organization was highly positive. Learning to project a non-victim image and hands-on training in effective self-defense skills was greatly appreciated by our employees. We give Chris and his team “two thumbs up.”

 - Gus Snebold

US Bureau of Reclamation

Employee Development Group

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