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Become a 'Master Adjuster'


When it comes to martial arts (or anything else that we do in our life for that matter) what worked for us in the past may have outlived its usefulness, and, for whatever reason, may not work (or work as well) for us now. We are confronted with our changing abilities. Our flexibility may be challenged, and we can no longer kick to our head height. Our speed or power may have diminished somewhat. Or we perhaps we sustain some form of injury. I can speak from firsthand experience on this subject because I’ve dealt with some issues like these myself.


However, the fact that these things occur does not necessarily mean that we need to stop practicing whatever art we’re practicing or switch to another form of martial art. We don’t have to change direction and take a new path; we can still move in the same general direction on the path we originally chose. It simply means we need to acknowledge and accept what is happening (accepting does not mean we have to like it) and if necessary, look at or try to find other ways of doing certain things. In other words, we need to able to adjust. Adjusting is about adaptability, which is the most important quality a martial artist can possess.


Some people strive to keep going on the exact same way that they always have and doing what they have always done. I’ve heard people say all sorts of things such as, “Well I could do the full-splits ten years ago and so I should be able to do it today.”

However, attempting to maintain the same status quo today as years ago is futile. It doesn’t work, and those who try usually end up frustrated and pissed- off.


Don’t allow nostalgia to arrest your growth and evolution. Stop wasting your time and energy thinking about or lamenting about what you used to be able to do “back then” and instead focus your thoughts and energy on what you can do “now.” By recognizing that change can bring vitality and growth you can cultivate a mindset of non-attachment and develop your ability to let go of things that either no longer work for you or that you can no longer do efficiently and effectively. You can keep growing and evolving by giving yourself new challenges and adventures. And you can keep enjoying what you’re doing. Become a ‘master adjuster.’


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