As one of the pre-eminent torchbearers of Lee's martial legacy, Chris remains at the forefront in perpetuating not only the martial aspects of Jeet Kune Do, but also the much broader application of the philosophical materials into the fields of human endeavor and self-actualization. 


In his role as a personal development specialist, Chris helps individuals seeking personal growth to achieve liberation of body, mind, and spirit so that they can actualize their true potential, achieve their goals, and live a rich and rewarding life.

Personal Liberation was created by Chris Kent and is dedicated to self-liberation: liberation of body, liberation of mind, liberation of spirit through greater self-knowledge. Personal Liberation's primary goal is to not only share with the world the philosophical tenets of self-actualization and personal liberation utilized by the legendary martial art icon, Bruce Lee, but also to help individuals seeking personal growth identify, understand, and integrate these principles into their own life so they can actualize their true potential and live a rich and rewarding life.


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Personal Liberation Books


"Your inspiration continues to guide us toward personal liberation" -- that is the message I had engraved on my late husband, Bruce Lee's, headston when he passed away in 1973. Today I am inspired by the publication of a book entitled "LIBERATE YOURSELF! - How To Think Like Bruce Lee" by Chris Kent that elaborates on the message of personal liberation. Chris has studied Bruce's art and philosophy for forty years.He is a gifted martial artist and teacher, but beyond that he has grasped the underlying philosophyof Bruce's art and applied it to daily living. In reading "Libearte Yourself" one will not only understand Bruce Lee's way of thinking better, but will discover new ways of looking at and improving one's own life. In understandable language, Chris has laid out a blueprint for taking control and overcoming obstacles. I highly recommend Chris' book to anyone wanting to take the next step toward personal liberation."

Linda Lee Cadwell

Bruce Lee's widow



“Within the pages of LIBERATE YOURSELF Chris has not only provided a brilliant insight into the mind of Bruce Lee, but more importantly an easy access guidebook to self-discovery and personal liberation.” “It is the best book on applying Bruce's philosophy to everyday life that has ever been written….”

John Little
World-renowned fitness author, filmmaker



In “LIBERATE YOURSELF” Chris has succeeded in taking Bruce’s philosophical ideas and principles out of the martial art arena and into the arena of daily living. I think Bruce would be proud of the job Chris has done in bringing his philosophical thoughts and ideas into the public light and helping people understand how, by applying them in their own lives, they can in turn liberate themselves and actualize their own potential.”

Taky Kimura 
Bruce Lee’s closest friend and most senior student


"This is one great book... Once I got the book, I dove right into it and have not been able to put it down. This is one of the best books I have read on the philosophy of Bruce Lee's JKD."
Sifu Pablo J. Zamora 


“What a read!  Kent's pedigree within the lineage of Bruce Lee's teaching is undeniable but so is his humility as he engagingly condenses Lee's wisdom into a book that will lead the earnest martial artist, as well as all others who are genuinely willing to examine themselves, toward  the practical application of enlightenment."
Ron Renaud
Executive coach and speaker, author of The Uncompromised


"A brilliant read for anyone with a interest in self improvement. In this book Chris Kent does what other self improvement books never seem to manage and that is he guides you on how to apply Bruce Lee's teaching to your daily life and outside of the training environment."
Mic Clark, martial art instructor

"This book has many nuggets of pure gold."
Pete Sisco

World-renowned strength expert and author

"I have read many books by other writers on self help and positive thinking! But I have to say that in your book Chris, I have never looked deeper into myself both on a personal level and with regards to my Jeet Kune Do. The area's that you cover which relate to looking and your physical, emotional and psychological self is amazing and I cannot now wait to get and read your other book, "P.L.A.N.--Personal Liberation Note Book." 
Rob Jarvis (Alfreton, England)



"Every manager, entrepreneur and martial artist should read  this book more than once. Thanks to Chris Kent for writing this book."

Robin Vader, Director of Vader Training (Netherlands)

“I recently finished your book and I loved it. It was everything I needed at the right time in my life. It inspired me to get back into martial arts and really focus on what I want.  After reading your book I definitely feel like I’m on the right path.”
Steve Duffy
Business executive, New York