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"Bridging the Gap" is a monthly e-newsletter designed to serve as a source of high-quality information for individuals who seek to increase their understanding and comprehension of Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kun Do. In each issue of "Bridging the Gap" you will find material dealing with all of the various aspects and elements of JKD, including: 

* Physical / Technical - Techniques, Training Methodology

* Non-technical - Fitness (strength, endurance, etc.), Nutrition, Equipment (new training materials, etc.)

* Philosophy - The philosophical foundations underpinning the art

* Self-Liberation - Applying JKD to your personal and professional life

* History - The development of Bruce Lee's martial art (Wing Chun - JFGF - JKD)

* JKD Lexicon - Definitions of terminology and vocabulary used in the art

* Remembering the Dragon - Factual information about Bruce Lee and his life / work

* Recollections - Quotes and anecdotes from notaed JFGF / JKD experts

As we progress we will also feature spotlights on individual students and teachers, as well as legitimate JKD schools and training facilities - Links to other articles, videos and more

Whether you're a beginning student, an advanced practitioner, or an instructor - the purpose of Bridging the Gap is the same; to help you unlock your full potential, get better each and every day at your art, and make your JKD experience more fulfilling and enoyable.

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