At Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do we are constantly looking for ways to empower and enable people, and focus on making information and knowledge about JKD more accessible.


The JKD Resource is designed to serve as a source of information for individuals who seek to increase their understanding and comprehension of Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, as well as develop a clear understanding of the art. In the Advisor you will find material dealing with all of the various aspects and elements of Jeet Kune Do. Whether you're a beginning student or advanced practitioner, a recreational martial artist or competitive fighter, the purpose of the Training Advisor is the same -- to help you unlock your potential, get better each and every day, and make your JKD experience more enjoyable.

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(Note) -- The material in the JKD Training Advisor comes from numerous sources and we offer it free of charge  in the hope it may help to you and serve as stepping stones or signposts for you in your own martial art journey. (No copyright infringements are intended)