Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD  Chinese Terminology
(As established and used by Sifu Dan Inosanto)

Bai Jong                Ready Stance
Biu Gee                 Finger Jab / Thrusting Fingers
Biu Sao                 Palm Down Deflection
Biu Sao Da            Palm Down Deflection with Hit
Bong Sao             Wing Hand Deflection
Chin                    Advance
Chin Na               Grappling, Locks, Choke and Throws
Choap Chuie         Half Fist / Leopard Fist Punch
Chum Jang           Elbow Down Deflection
Chum Kiu             Seeking the Bridge or Bridging the Gap
Chung Chuie         Vertical Fist
Dan Chi Sao         Single Arm Chi Sao
Dim Jern              Vertical Palm Hit
Do                       Sword or Knife
Double jut Sao      Two Hand Jerk Hand
Dum Tek              Stomp Kick
Fak Sao               Backhand Knife Hand
Fook Sao             Forearm Down Deflection
Fu Jow                Eagle Talon
Gim                     Sword
Gin Lai                 “Salute”
Gnoy                   Outside
Gnoy Lop Sao       Outside Pull Hand
Gnoy Pak Sao       Outside Slap Parry
Go Da                  High Hit
Goang                  Hard
Goang Sao            Hard Inward and Downward Block
Gwoon                 Gym / School
Gung                   “Attack”
Ha Da                  Low Hit
Ha Jao Sao           Low Running Hand Disengagement
Ha Pak                 Low Slap Parry
Ha Ping Chuie       Low Horizontal Fist
Ha Woang Pak      Low Cross Slap Parry
Hay/Hey               Begin / Start
Hou Chung Chuie   Rear Vertical Fist
Hou Dum Tek        Rear Leg Stomp Kick
Hou Jik Dum Tek   Rear Straight Stomp Kick
Hou Jik Tek           Rear Leg Straight Kick
Hou Juk Tek          Rear Leg Side Kick
Hou O’ou Tek        Rear Leg Hook Kick / Round Kick
Hou Ping Chuie      Rear Horizontal Fist
Huen Sao              Circling Hand Parry
Jang                     Elbow
Jang Da                Elbow Hit
Jao Mah                Running Horse Stance    
Jao Sao                 Running Hand Disengagement
Jee Yao Bok Gik     Freestyle Sparring
Jeet                      Stop
Jeet Tek                Stop Kick / Intercepting Kick
Jeong                   Palm
Jern                     Palm
Jik Chung Chuie    Straight Blast
Jik Tek                 Straight Kick
Jin Chuie              Uppercut
Jik Chung Chuie    Straight Vertical Fist, Straight Blast
Jit Dum Tek          Straight Stomp Kick
Joan Da               Middle Hit
Joan Sin               Centerline
Joap Hop            “Group Together”
Joe                      Left
Jong Sao              108 Techniques on the Dummy
Jong Tao              Head Butt
Juen Juk Tek        Spinning Side Kick
Juen Qua Tek       Spinning Crescent Kick (inverted)
Juen So Tek         Spinning Heel Hook Kick
Juk Tek               Side Kick
Kao Sao              Wide Horizontal Hook Hand Parry
Kow Tao              Head Butt
Kwoon                Gym / School
Lau Sin Chuie      Vertical Back Fist Down
Li Sao                 Pulling Palm Up Deflections Towards Self
Lin Lop Sao         Cross Grab Hand / Cross Pull Hand
Lin Sil Die Da       Simultaneous Hit and Block
Lin Wood            Fast and Accurate
Lop Sao              Pull Hand / Grab Hand
Lop Sao Da         Pull Hand / Grab Hand with Hit
Loy                    Inside
Loy Lop Sao        Inside Pull Hand
Loy Moon Chuie   Inside Gate Punch
Loy O’ou Tek       Inside Inverted Hook Kick (unmatched)
Loy Pak Sao        Inside Slap Parry
Luk Sao              Moving Hands / Rolling Hands
Lung Tao            Dragon Head
Mah Bo               Horse Stance
Man Sao             Lead Hand / ‘Inquisitive Hand’
Mo Hay              Chinese Weapons
Ng Moon            Five Gates
O’ou Chuie         Hook
O’ou Sao            Hook Hand Parry
O’ou Tek            Hook Kick / Round Kick
Pak Sao             Slap Parry
Pak Sao Da        Slap Parry with Hit
Phon Sao           Trapping Hands
Ping Chuie         Horizontal Fist
Poon Sao           Questioning Hands while Rolling
Qua Chuie         Back Fist
Qua Tek            Reverse Crescent Kick (inverted)
Quan Sao          Palm Up Deflection with Low Wing Deflection
Sat Sao             Palm Down Knife Hand / ‘Kill Hand’
Seong Chi Sao    Double Arm Chi Sao
So Chuie            Quarter Swing with Fist
So Tek / So O’ou Tek     Heel Hook Kick
Sot Kil               Hammer Fist
Sut Da              Knee
Talk Sao            Palm Up Deflection Under the Elbow
Tan Sao            Palm Up Deflection
Tan Sao Da       Palm Up Deflection with Hit
Toy                  Retreat
Woang Jern       Cross Palm Hit
Woang Pak        Cross Slap Parry
Wu Sao             Rear Hand
Yao                   Right
Yow                  Right
Yu Bay             “Ready”
Yuen                 Soft


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