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Regardless of whether you train in Jeet Kune Do or another martial art style or method, "Jeet Kune Do: Guide to Equipment Training" offers comprehensive and cohesive training information that will help you maximize your combat skills and achieve your full potential as a martial artist and fighter. Detailed and progressive instruction on how to use the heavy bag, focus mitts, forearm pad, kicking shield, etc… makes this book one of the most important sources of information about the proper use of equipment training ever written. "Jeet Kune Do: Guide to Equipment Training" will help take you to a new level of integration and mastery of your art, regardless of the style, if what you are interested in is real contact power!

Over 370 pages!  Illustrated with close to 2000 photographs illustrating hundreds of examples of drills using various types of mobile and fixed equipment such as:

•    Focus Gloves

•    Kicking Shield

•    Thai Pads/Forearm Pads

•    Heavy Bag

•    Double-end Bag

•    Wall Bag, Paper Target, Plastic Ball

•    Wooden Dummy (Mook Jong)

•    Training with Protective Body Equipment

Plus additional chapters detailing how you can achieve personal martial excellence, and what the art of Jeet Kune Do needs in order to continue to grow and flourish in today’s martial art world.

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