Teaching Consultant/Training Advisor Program

" I consider myself an evangelist for the art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. I believe that it occupies a very special place in the martial art world. I also believe that we cannot expect JKD to be innovative and cutting-edge if those who are teaching it are themselves not creative and innovative. It’s not just about WHAT you present as a teacher, but HOW you present it. This is why several years ago I shifted the direction of my energies into serving as a "teaching consultant" and "teacher of teachers" to help foster and promote positive growth in the JKD world. It's not about teaching an art -- it’s about becoming a great teacher."
                                                               - Chris Kent

The objective of the CKJKD Teaching Consultant/Training Advisor Program is to help individuals develop into teachers who are passionate about the art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do and who possess the ability to convey their knowledge to the highest degree through both movement and language.


The CKJKD Teaching Consultant/Training Advisor Program is not an instructor certification course or program. I'm not interested in just rubber-stamping my name on things. I want to work with people who share the same vision I have regarding Jeet Kune Do. This program is built upon what I feel a person should know and understand in order to teach JKD the way I believe the art should be perpetuated. 

As part of the CKJKD Teaching Consultant/Training Advisor Program I work with schools and instructors in a consultant capacity, advising and assisting them with regard to such things as training protocols, teaching methodology, and training curriculum design. After working with them for a period of time (which is completely related to the individual/school and the work they put in), I will give them my personal recognition and endorsement as a teacher and/or facility that I believe offers people the highest quality JKD training available.

An integral part of this program is what the individual or school brings to it themselves. It’s not simply about me giving them everything and telling them what to teach or how to teach, but rather, it’s a dynamic working relationship.

If you're interested in learning more about the program please feel free to contact me via email.


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