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Sharing Jeet Kune Do with the world

As one of the of the most sought after instructors on JKD and its applications, Chris serves as a "global ambassador" for Jeet Kune Do, traveling the world and teaching and sharing his expertise with countless people, instructors and students alike.


Chris currently offers professional consultation and instruction through national and international seminars and training workshops. In addition, he works as a Teaching Consultant/Advisor to numerous schools that teach JKD.


Refusing to allow himself to be categorized as a member of any of the various JKD "camps" or "sects" that exist today, Chris instead utilizes his diverse  knowledge and skills to serve as a "link" between the various generations of JKD practitioners and function as a "bridge-builder" between the various groups.

If you are interested in potentially hosting a seminar, contact us for further details (serious inquiries only).

Chris Kent teaching Jeet KUne Do seminar at New York Martial Arts Academy

"If you are looking for a dynamic learning experience, a complete and genuine focus on benefiting the participants, and proven expertise in the art, philosophy, and history of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do then bring Chris Kent to your school. You will not be disappointed!"


Greg Smith

CEO  of Compco Industries, Boardman OH

"I have brought Chris to Chicago on several occasions now, and he never disappoints. His knowledge of Jeet Kune Do is precisely detailed in all aspects of Bruce Lee's martial art. He gives you a clear understanding of how Bruce taught his martial art and why. I look forward to having him back again and anyone looking for real Jeet Kune Do training can't go wrong with Chris Kent."


Joe Goytia

Goytia's Martial Arts

Chicago, Illinois

"Chris Kent's depth of knowledge in martial arts is amazing, his explaining of Jeet Kune Do principles and concepts are astounding. Chris is a superb instructor, and I'd recommend without reservation that if you truly want to piece together what JKD is and be part of Bruce Lee's legacy then Chris Kent is your answer. I am very pleased and honored to call him: my Teacher, my Friend and my Mentor."


Kwoklyn Wan

European Representative and WNG Board Member under Tim Tackett & Bob Bremer's 

WNG's Old School JKD

"As a representative for CKJKD in Northeast Ohio, It is always an honor and privilege when we are able to bring Sifu Chris Kent to Ohio. My students always admire the one-on-one approach to his teaching; asking questions, and having the personalized experience. It is a great honor for me to be under Chris Kent’s guidance." 


Ryan Keller (Northeast Ohio representative for CKJKD)
Keller Academy of Martial Arts


NOTE -- Currently scheduling Seminars and Workshops both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in potentially hosting a seminar or workshop, please contact us for further information. Serious enquiries only.

October 7-8, 2023

Sezze Romano Italy

Info: 3407313941  --

Seminar Testimonials

"As a student of Jeet Kune Do, I've had the good fortune to meet three of the very few people in the world who have the deepest knowledge of Bruce Lee's JKD. Chris Kent is one of those few. I met Chris in late 2013 as a photographer at a seminar he gave at the New York Martial Arts Academy. When you shoot an event for 5 or 6 hours you get a good feeling about the quality of the person teaching. Chris is an AMAZING and engaging instructor with just the right balance of discipline, patience and humor that commands respect and admiration. Any martial artist or aspiring martial artist should digets his many materials -- and try to get a class with him even once in a lifetime."

Rich Klein

Professional Photographer, New York City



"Sifu Chris Kent is a great human being. I had the honor and privilege to participate in a 2 days JKD seminar here in Austin, TX. The way he teaches and express himself through great stories and knowledge from the 42 years of experience, is priceless! I had the chance to spend some time outside the class, and again, his wisdom and understanding of Bruce Lee philosophy is incredible. If you ever have the possibility to train/talk with him, don't miss it for anything!"

Mircea Popescu 



"I did a two day Seminar with Sifu Kent. His presence is warm and inviting but he easily commanded the room. I had some training in JKD prior, I found it interesting that he approached JKD from an angle that seemed new, even while opening with material I knew. Sifu Kent easily weaves “emotional content” right into the training. The authenticity comes through in all that is taught. It was a great seminar, I walked away with a renewed energy towards the martial arts."
Matthew Prasse 


"I've trained a few times at Chris Kent's gym in Boise. This last week I had the pleasure of attending his seminar when he came to Austin. I've had an excellent experience every time I've trained with him. Chris Kent keeps to the spirit of what Bruce Lee began while adding his own take on it. Sifu Kent weaves Bruce Lee's philosophy throughout his training method. He incorporates it in his lessons and in his business and interactions with others. I highly recommend Chris Kent's Jeet Kune Do to anyone who is interested in self defense and/or Bruce Lee's fighting method and philosophy."
Sarah Buhidma 



"I got to do a private lesson with Sifu Kent when he was visiting Austin, TX for a JKD seminar. Within a few minutes of starting, it was apparent how much experience and wisdom he has with Jeet Kune Do. The way he explained concepts and gave contextual background really helped me understand problems with my technique. More than just instruction, Sifu Kent is a great resource on the theory of Jeet Kune Do, from preferred fighting styles to understanding your opponent. If you're on the fence about learning Jeet Kune Do, Sifu Kent is one of the best people to introduce you to it." 
Daniel Verastiqui

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from the past two days. I've studied Bruce Lee for many years almost to a point of obsession. However, it was like having this puzzle; I was sure I knew what the picture was supposed to be but there were a whole bunch of pieces missing and some pieces just didn't seem to fit. The last two days brought me to the realization that I really didn't have a clear picture and also provided a lot of the missing pieces and an insight into how they should fit together. There were so many "ahhhaaa" moments for me that it seemed to be almost continuous. The stories alone were worth the price and time spent. I find myself at that point where you have been traveling down a road for a long time but it had dead-ended; and all of a sudden the road is open again."


Robert Bouse

"I wanted to write a personal thank you for the fantastic seminar you gave this past weekend in Stoke On Trent. I was very impressed with how you broke down and explained all of the techniques you displayed as well as your philosophical analysis of how practitioners can keep Jeet Kune Do in perspective instead of getting muddled in the sea of contradictory information that comes and goes. I should also mention that I was impressed by your friendly and approachable nature and the care for each student that you displayed. The weekend has really helped my overall development in Jeet Kune Do. As a life-long fan of Bruce Lee, I'm happy that his teachings are being perpetuated in the quality that you have shown. I certainly hope to train with you again and I wish you all the best

in your future endeavours."


James Turner



"Your presentation was fascinating! I'm inspired! My family just can't stop talking about the whole experience. Today I went out and bought Tao of Jeet Kune Do to learn a little more about Bruce and JKD. I bought the extended version, which I just saw has a reflection by you in the back of it. I'm honored to have been taught a little tidbit of JKD by one of the originals--thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us in Vegas! Honored and inspired to learn more! Thank you!"

Britney Rogi (Las Vegas BLF event)

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