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Bruce Lee - 'Infinite Influencer'

I came across an interesting website the other day which discussed the role that certain people have had in the world as ‘infinite influencers.’ In the article they were not talking about an influencer from the perspective as how the term seems to be used so prevalently today, namely to describe a person followed by loads of other people on some social network such as Instagram who has the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on their sites. Today social media abounds with countless people claiming the title or being touted by others as ‘influencers.’ They were talking about an influencer as someone who affects or changes the wa

Stop Tearing the Heart and Soul Out of JKD

Stop Tearing the Heart and Soul Out of JKD I’ve written blogs before concerning such things as the revisionism of JKD history, and the classicalization of JKD with all the numerous “sets” now being created or supposedly “discovered.” (See my previous blogs such as – “A New “Classical Mess” in the Making?” and my article “JKD – An Art Caught in an Identity Crisis” as well as others for more in-depth explanations). This blog relates to the proliferation of all of the sets, special sequences, and other cookie-cutter JKD templates now running rampant in the JKD world and puts forth a simple and clear statement - stop attempting to ‘productionize’ JKD. Stop putting this stuff out there and procl

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