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"Boards Don't Hit Back..."

In the film, Enter the Dragon, as Bruce Lee’s character faces off against his opponent, a really tough and brutal man named Ohara, the man tosses a board he has been carrying into the air and smashes it in two with a single punch. Lee maintains his detached cool, looks at Ohara and, with a slight smile, informs him, “Boards don’t hit back.” Immediately afterward, Lee annihilates Ohara in the fight. Unfortunately for Ohara, his attempt to “psych-out” Lee failed miserably. Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar yourself at one time or another. Maybe you were preparing to engage in a golf or tennis match against another person, be it a friend or someone you’d only just met, and your oppon

Training with Students of Different Levels

Sometimes in training you may find yourself partnered with a lesser-skilled person, and other times you may have a partner whose skill level is higher than yours. What can you when you are training with or sparring against partners whose level of capability is different than yours? How can you create optimal learning experiences in these types of situations? The thing to understand is that the beginning student defines a challenge differently than an intermediate or advanced level practitioner. However, the overall objective is the same for both -- improvement. Sometimes the apparent ease of out-performing a lesser-skilled partner or opponent can cause us to let our focus slip or become slop

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