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How Chris Kent Got Started in JKD

Here is a brief audio interview I did for my student, Forrest Caudill, in which I explain how I became involved in JKD and began my training. #chriskentjkd #daninosanto

'It' Hits All By Itself

Most, if not everyone reading this blog has seen the film Enter the Dragon, and is familiar with one of the opening scenes in which Lee's character, while talking to the head Shaolin monk about fighting, raises his clenched fist and states, "And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit, 'it' hits all by itself. This particular scene popped into my head while reading a book recently title, "Wait - The Art and Science of Delay." While the book itself has nothing to do with martial arts, I came across a very interesting section dealing with super-fast reactions in the world of sports which discussed what is referred to as "pre-conscious anticipation." In the book, super-fast sports such as f

Cultivating Your Lead Side Tools

When I began training in JKD in Dan Inosanto's backyard in 1973, a great deal of emphasis was placed upon the cultivation and development of our lead side tools, both in training on equipment and also in sparring. I'm sure that most people have read Bruce Lee's notes concerning the use of the lead side; that the dominant side is better coordinated, that it's closer to the opponent and therefore faster and can be used with greater frequency, etc. But it goes further than that. It's about the attitude one takes toward developing those lead side tools. When I questioned Sifu Dan about the stress on the lead side weapons when so many other arts put the emphasis on the rear side tools (in boxing,

Welcome to CKJKD!

Welcome to Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do! Let me be very clear from the start, this site is dedicated to JKD, not Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee and JKD are not the same thing (although the two are intimately connected). There are many people in the JKD world today who are still busy wasting their time and energy arguing about the same crap that began not too long after Bruce Lee's untimely demise and which has conntinued to this day. Things such as who is right and who is wrong; who knows JKD and who doesn't; who is qualified to teach and who isn't. It's the same thing over and over again, like running laps on a school track. While you might be moving, in reality you're not going anywhere except the same p

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