3 Ranges in Attack
All offensive actions will fall within three primary ranges:

  • Long (long-range kicking, etc.)

  • Intermediate (striking, kicking)

  • Close (trapping, grappling)

(Note -- Some JKD practitioners break it into four ranges by separating striking and trapping or trapping and grappling into separate ranges).


3 Levels of Attack
All attacking actions will fall into three different levels:

  • High (head)

  • Middle (torso)

  • Low (legs)



Inside/outside Lines of Attack
In your fighting stance, the area within your arms are deemed to be "inside" lines, and the area on the outside of the arms are deemed "outside" lines.


The  3 Component parts of a Striking Action
Regardless of the chosen method of attack, there are three integral components of any attack motion. They are:

  • Initiation

  • Landing

  • Recovery



The 5 Ways of Attack

There are basically five ways for an opponent to come in on you, or for you to attack an opponent. In Jeet Kune Do, these five ways are classified as:

1) Single Direct Attack/Angulated Attack

2) Attack by Combination 

3) Progressive Indirect Attack

4) Attack by Drawing 

5) Hand Immobilization Attack

(For details of each of the 5 Ways of Attack see separate pages)