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"Quality Over Quantity"

The following are professional martial art training facilities that are affiliated with Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do and whose instructors have been certified by Chris Kent:

New York Martial Arts Academy (Astoria, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens)

Sifu Dino Orfanos/Sifu James Orfanos


"NY Martial Arts Academy owes a lot to Sifu Chris Kent. My father began training with Sifu Chris in 1996 and never looked back. Sifu Chris has so much a knowledge in JKD and martial arts in general. We’re proud to be affiliated with Sifu Chris and his JKD organization. CKJKD is a complete look on Jeet Kune Do which covers all ranges and aspects of combat. Striking grappling and weapons training makes CKJKD the total package. Thank you Sifu for all you’ve taught to everyone at NY Martial Arts Academy. Growing up around you and training with you has brought so much perspective and clarity to my own martial arts training."

- Sifu James Orfanos

Austin Impact JKD (Austin, Texas)

Sifu Forrest Caudill


"I started training with Sifu Chris Kent as a kid, after seeing him on the front cover of a martial arts magazine. I feel very lucky to have grown up under his guidance. To me, martial arts has always been about more than just fighting. It's been a journy of self-growth and empowerment. Not every school infuses the "martial philosophy" into their training in the way that Sifu Chris Kent does. His mastery of the concepts behind the art, along with the firsthand experiences he shares with his students, add so much to his teaching. Yet it's who I've become as a person that stands out most to me -- the growth in confidence and the breaking of self-imposed limitations. It's my goal with Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do to pass on that same infusion of combat with self-actualization that I learned from him."

- Sifu Forrest Caudill

Keller Academy of Martial Arts (Boardman, Ohio)

Sifu Ryan Keller

8302 Southern Blvd., Boardman, Ohio 44512

(330) 482-5819


“As a representative for CKJKD in Northeast Ohio, It is always an honor and privilege when we are able to bring Sifu Chris Kent to Ohio. My students always admire the one-on-one approach to his teaching; asking questions, and having the personalized experience. It is a great honor for me to be under Chris Kent’s guidance. If there is a question I don’t understand, or some “FUD” (Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt) that is being spread by keyboard warriors, it is very easy for me to make contact with Sifu Chris and have great conversations on the path and trajectory of JKD. During the lockdown in 2020, many of us had to be very creative in the ways we continue to train, and educate ourselves and our students in the martial arts. Sifu Chris, like he always does, barreled through the challenge and created over 200 short videos for his students, and allowed his representatives from around the globe to have access to these at no expense. This shows his compassion and enthusiasm for the martial arts, and to encourage his students to continue to train, while at the same time being a beacon of hope during times of despair. My students and I look forward to training with Sifu Chris Kent again in the near future.”
- Sifu Ryan Keller

South Bay Jeet Kune Do Academy @ Nakaoka Dept. of Recreation (Gardena, California)

Sifu David Cheng


"The breadth and depth of Sifu Chris Kent's understanding of Jeet Kune Do is unsurpassed. He is an excellent, gifted teacher who, through his classes, seminars, and writings, conveys the various elements of the art so that the average person can comprehend and learn it well. He is also a superb coach who helps his students develop and improves their own skills to a high level."

- Sifu David Cheng



Enrico Abbruciati School: Fit Club Roma 
Via di Vigna Murata 11 – 00134 Roma (metro Laurentina) 
Tel.+39 3479153194    Sec. +39 3922295657

“Sifu Chris Kent is one of the best -prepared  instructors of JKD all around the world. He has more than 45 years of experience and wrote several books about Bruce Lee's martial art. I learne a lot from him, first from his books and DVDs, then from his lessons and seminars in person. I am honored to be his representative here in Italy, and to get always appreciated from him  about my work and efforts to spread JKD throughout my country. I'm also honored that he wrote the introduction to my second book about JKD, where he also appears in some photographs. Sifu Kent is an actual encyclopedia of Bruce Lee's JKD."
Enrico Abbruciati

CKJKD Representative for Italy

Emanuele PulitanoASD International JKD School

Pierotti Team

Via Gattuccia 8 - 04018

Sezze, Italy 

"There are many JKD instructors in the world but Chris Kent is one of the very best. I met him in 2016 at a seminar I organized in Rome. It was a wonderful experience that has been repeated other times. It is a great opportunity for me and my students to train with him."

Emanuele Pulitano

CKJKD Representative in Italy

The following schools are affiliated with Chris Kent Jeet Kune Do through the CKJKD Teaching Consultant/Training Advisor Program:

(See Teaching Consultant page for program details)


Unified Fighting Systems (Kettering)

Andy Gibney

12 Station Rd., Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8BR


"I've been lucky enough to have known Chris Kent for 33 years. I've seen the way he has blossomed and grown as his understanding of Jeet Kune Do has deepened. He has taught me in such diverse locations as New York, Amsterda, Stoke-on-Trent in England and in my hometown of Kettering. He was part of the best seminar i've ever hosted: the first JFJKD Conference held in the UK in 2000.

     It has been my privilege to know him and learn from him. He ranks as one of the world's top JKD teachers and his lineage is beyond reproach. If you get the chance to train with him, do so immediately. Your knowledge of JKD and of martial arts as a whole will grow every time you do."


Andy Gibney

Head Instructor at Unified Fighting Systems


International Jeet Kune Do Union

Feng Wei

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