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A Personal Note from Linda Lee Cadwell
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"I am in awe of the growth I have witnessed in my friend Chris Kent. I have known Chris for close to 50 years from the time he first took up the practice of Bruce Lee’s way of martial arts, Jeet Kune Do. Chris not only learned the martial aspect of Bruce’s teachings but also his methods of self-reflection as a goal to personal development.


Inspired by Bruce, Chris has applied himself to learning every aspect of self-improvement through the study of various disciplines such as philosophy, physiology, and motivation from a scientific and organic standpoint. As a result of his exploration into all things human, Chris has liberated himself from the concept of what-should-be and found a way to honestly express himself. This “way” he calls Dynamic Personal Liberation. Chris has invested his heart and mind into cultivating a way to help people explore and discard their limitations as they become free of road blocks on their path to self-actualization.


I know that Dynamic Personal Liberation works because I have observed it in Chris as he has matured from a young martial artist to a sincere, thoughtful and happy human being. Chris has a great deal to share with the world and anyone who takes advantage of his ideas can become a physically and emotionally healthy person."

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